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K-Trap Sends Shivers Down The Rap Game's Spine

“Alexa, run some riddims” K-Trap raps over the resonant baselines of his latest single ‘Shivers’. The 24 year old South London drill rapper is known for his combative, hedonistic word play and with over 500,000 regular monthly listeners on Spotify and a combined social following of over 200,000, his impact on the culture is unequivocal. Signed to Sony Music’s imprint label black butter records, (alongside the likes of J Hus and Octavian) K-Trap’s music embodies some of the gritty, harsh realities of the South London experience as well as the silver lining of success that he’s adapted into. 


After featuring on Amazon’s “Ones to Watch” list at the start of the year and the success of his latest release ‘shivers’, Amazon have curated a voice command for the track on Alexa. When commanded to ‘Run Some Riddims’, Alexa will play ‘Shivers’.


On a hot summer's day K-Trap sports his baby blue Amiri T-shirt and we sit in the front of his car. His presence is much more calming than you’d expect. His demeanor and energy were cool and relaxed, yet confident.

Interviewer Thelma Khupe

Direction Derrick Odafi

Photography Diego Martinez Chacon & Kareem Abdul

Grooming Blessing Kambanga

Videography ArmzyBAM & Tufael Kaibiri

Project Manager Matilda Sandi

BTS Safe Route Productions

Special Thanks to Satalite 414 

NW: How did you come up with the name K-Trap?


KT: I had another street name I used to go by when I was younger which began with a K. As I got older my life began to change and I didn't really want that name anymore. I kept the ‘K’ and then ‘Trap’ just came to me naturally.


NW: Which artists did you listen to growing up, have any of these influenced your music today?


KT: I don't know names off the top of my head, but with me, I listen to all types of music, I give everything a chance. 


The 24 year old rapper was raised in Gipsy Hill, an area in south London within the London Borough of Lambeth that borders the London Boroughs of Southwark and Croydon. ‘Growing up on any estate in Lambeth, yeah that played a big part in my music because I speak about my experiences a lot.’


‘KT: I've always liked music. I've always done it. I've loved music as a whole and not just rapping. I've never used to sit down and think 'yeah. I want to be a rapper.' I just started rapping.

And the music scene is a bit diffe