Fee Gonzales Keeps Family 1st And

Business Second After Lockdown 

Fee Gonzales is one of the most respected street artists out of the South of London. Releasing music consistently since 2017, Fee Gonzales has continuously progressed within the music scene and built a strong foundation of respect amongst his peers and music fans. As one of the many artists carving their own lane within the industry Gonzales is an artist that understands the importance of longevity within the music business. As an individual that receives guidance from some of the best in the industry, Fee also seeks to give back and create a path for those under his imprint Family 1st Entertainment.

We have all been in a tumultuous time on various social issues and before the lockdown, Gonzales was preparing to headline a show in London after a great string of performances, opening for School Boy Q on his London tour and also making an appearance at the Sam Wise headliner, watch here. Although there have been delays, Fee Gonzales decided to release some new music for his base during isolation, His 10 song project 'Cabin Fever', which was already scheduled to be released before the global pandemic, was released with fan favorites such as Gotham, Southside and Ms Banks.

Read our full interview with the 'Twin Sisters' rapper below


NW: What were your plans before Covid-19? What were you planning on doing?


FG: I was planning on doing the same things I have done during Covid-19; releasing my mixtape. I was planning on lining up a headline show but we had to cancel that due to Covid-19 so that was a little bit upsetting. But other than that, all the plans have been going through.


NW: Did you have any special plans for the fans or did you want to keep that under wraps for when you actually do it?


FG: By the time this comes out I probably would have announced it but I’m looking to drop a deluxe of Cabin Fever.


NW: We know you’re from South London so what would you say is the best thing and the worst thing about South London.


FG: The best thing is Jamaican food and the worst thing is the police.


NW: In that area (South London) there are a lot of up and coming artists that are doing their thing and you guys tend to stick together. What is it about South London that makes you do that?


FG: I think everyone knows the end goal and a lot of people have made it from our area so people know that it’s real and it can happen so a lot of people tend to want to stick around do things together.