Cashh Keeps Out Of Trouble Upon His Return

Cashh is an artist that is no stranger to the UK rap scene, entering at a time where rap freestyles were done in a single take with 20 mcs waiting to splurge their slick rhymes all in one breath. At first, music wasn’t something that he felt he had to pursue but it became the best form of escapism for him at such a young age. Those who have seen his first Fire in The Booth at age 16 can bear witness to the fact that he has a natural style and flair when expressing himself through rap. Having begun his music career at a young age, he continued to make an impact that is still felt by those that witnessed his rise. 


After spending some time in Jamaica due to unforeseen circumstances, he decided to take the situation into his own hands and rather than seeing it as a loss he turned it into an opportunity to refine his sound and pour into his craft. He has now returned with a renewed hunger to show the world who he is through his music. ‘Trouble’ marks the first release upon his return back to London, with the video bouncing between him in his home, self isolating and burning sage while he scrolls through social media, viewing clips of the Black Lives Matter protests that have been spanning across the world and in the UK. Cashh is an artist that proves to not shy away from using his music as a vehicle to address the social issues present in our society.

Off the back of his new single ‘Trouble’, we had the opportunity to speak with Cashh about what the move to his home country meant for him as an artist and how it has shaped his view on life, his take on current social issues and what he will be bringing to the music scene this year.