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Big Zuu Has Big Plans & Breaks Boundaries For The Youth

Zuharir Hussan, more commonly known as Big Zuu is best known for his charisma, larger than life personality and his delicious takes on global dishes alongside his show ‘Big Zuu’s Big Eats’ on Dave. But his contributions to black British culture and the British entertainment industry extend much further than kitchens and British supermarkets. As a member of the infamous rap group MTP (My Team Paid) crew, the North West London rapper has also played a pivotal role in the U.K. Grime scene and pirate radio culture for many years, alongside his longstanding crew peers such as AJ Tracey.


Born in London and raised on the Mozart Estate in East London, Zuu spent his earlier years working towards a career in social work, mentoring young children and studying for a degree in the field. But after years of tenacity and hard work, the rapper, Grime FC and TV personality has since risen to success and become one of Britain's most influential personalities. 


Speaking on his success, the rapper says ‘You know, it's funny, because in the time that we've come up in the UK music industry, the UK has picked up and become very prominent in terms of its success, you know, you have people charting every day. If you go back five or six years ago, it wasn't really like that. There wasn't a route to becoming successful in the game so we were just winging it. I never ever thought I'd be doing the stuff that I'm doing now. Definitely not.’


Prior to his involvement with cooking and music, Big Zuu worked as a mentor for young children in a secondary school in East London, before spending two years at Goldsmiths University in New Cross working towards a social work degree.

Words by  Thelma Khupe

Creative Direction:Derrick Odafi

Photography Maximilliano Giorgeschi

Photography Assistant Thomas Cockram