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Excellence Comes In Threes:

Ternion Cover Story

Beautiful things in life come in threes; The Holy Trinity, Primary and Secondary colours, Pyramids. The number three is synonymous with increase, expansion, and growth. In numerology, the number three is described as a number that resonates with creative self-expression, social interaction, and optimism. For our 9th issue based on the theme of Excellence, we decided to present to you three extremely talented and alluring women that have many similar connotations to the number three.

The number three had been described as a designer’s best friend, a number that drives critical thinking in art, fashion, and architecture. In art, the rule of thirds – derived from the golden ratio - elevates composition and helps the attractiveness of what you aim to communicate. The rule gives you a guide for placing focal points and increase its compelling nature. Also, the idea of a Tryptic has relevance in the art world which is a set of three works curated side by side, many fine artists such as Francis Bacon, Rothko, and Andy Warhol have adopted this motif to present their works to the public.

Leah (left), Eva (middle), and Tanatswa (right) are women that are not only picturesque but are craftswomen, linguists, and designers that excel beyond the confines of their beauty. All three of them are exemplary black women that have inspired many to become greater than they already are, in one way or another. ‘What is the meaning of Ternion?’, you may be asking... Ternion simply means a group of three or a trifecta. Derived from Latin etymology, Ternion also has a second meaning of being a section of paper or a book containing 3 double leaves. With this cover story, we aimed to deliver an elegant and powerful depiction of the black woman in both a classical and modernist way.

We had the privilege of speaking to our three cover stars about their personal views on industries such as modelling, fashion and creative writing, as well as tapping into their younger selves and walking the path that led them to the women they are today. Our discussions also seek to tap into their vulnerability as individuals, something that is relatable to most that take the time to consume their points of view. Being women of profile and recognition, we felt the need to tell the stories of each of them that many may not be privy to, finding common ground between them and to our readers.

These ladies are extremely ambitious, creative and inspiring. Many of their goals are dedicated to helping others and improving their quality of life as they continue to flourish in design, creative writing, and fashion for years to come. Our Ternion cover girls are the ones to watch this year as they steadily build empires in their respective fields.

COVER STARS - Leah Alexxanderr-Caine, Tanatswa Gumbwa, Eva Apio
CREATIVE DIRECTORS - Derrick Odafi & Jessica Rushforth

CREATIVE PRODUCERS - Jessica RushforthDerrick Odafi
PHOTOGRAPHER - Rhys Frampton
VIDEOGRAPHY - John Serunjogi

STYLIST - Lily McMurray
MUA - Tara Emily (Tanatswa)