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Sariel Elkaim

Don Toliver


Don Toliver was the first artist I photographed, it was cool because I photographed him with no work to show, he just trusted me.

Sariel Elkaim is a Los Angeles-based photographer with a passion for capturing timeless moments on film, her style is inspired by artists living their everyday life. We present you some images selected by the talented photographer and a short description of her encounter with the artist in the image.


Lucy Daye


This was fun because I got to photograph him and creative direct the shoot from start to finish. 




Super humble and nice guy - he showed up ready to shoot on time, which I always respect

Brent Faiyaz


Fun times - just hanging out in Hollywood and shooting around for fun


Moxie Raia


We planned to shoot for a while so i'm happy we did and love how we just had fun with it. 



My first magazine cover shoot and it was fun because we just hung around Downtown, LA walking around and shooting at different spots we thought looked cool. 

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