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Zalando Tackles Stereotypes In New SS20 Campaign

Zalando is one of the worlds leading high street fashion companies, based in Berlin, Germany. For their latest campaign, Zalando tackles one of the big obstacles to diversity and freedom; stereotypes. The work sets out to say goodbye to outdated stereotypes and puts them in the rearview. In turn, it welcomes us to a richer world of freedom and coins the new term Zerotypes.

Brought to life in a bold and playful campaign, Zalando celebrates a world beyond stereotypes for Spring - the season that is all about changeability and growth - allowing everyone to express their multifaceted nature through clothing. Zalando’s ambition for the campaign is for the ‘Zerotypes’ message to spark a wider conversation around the outdated cultural stereotypes that still remain.

Created by the agency Mother in London and directed by Leila & Damien at Blink, the film takes us on a journey through a funfair, repeated in a loop. At first, the journey reflects the familiar and expected stereotypical portrayal of a funfair. As we revisit the same situation repeated times, the characters’ roles and fabulous outfits become more unexpected, having transformed with the help of Zalando’s wide assortment of styles. In the final play, we arrive in a new world that reflects the diversity of today, where any style is welcomed and everyone is free to be multifaceted. We see that our characters have broken free of their stereotypes and expressing their Zerotype identities.

The end line, ‘Goodbye stereotypes. Hello Zerotypes.’ draws the campaign together, tying in with nature of ‘the in-between season’ Spring and inherent freedom that comes with being undefinable, embodying Zalando’s Free to be brand positioning. 'Free to be' encourages everyone to be who they really are with no one dictating what to think, feel or wear.

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