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YG Delivers His Latest Studio Album 'My Life 4hunnid'

YG has been through a lot since the release of his 2019 Album '4Real 4Real', from a personal perspective and in the development of his sound. Although he maintains his jovial and fun-loving persona which we first came in contact with from him in the early stages of his career, YG makes sure to put the medicine in the fast-food by telling stories that resonate with those familiar with his type of upbringing. Much like artists like 21 Savage who also releasing a project today, YG has continued to grow and develop as an artist - adding important themes to his music and developing his rapping abilities to be one of the leading figures and most respected artists in the West Coast music scene.

This new album seems to continue YG's consistency of telling his life story through his albums. Since the release of his Classic album My Krazy Life in 2014, we expect to go on a journey through the past few years on this project. Songs like 'Out On Bail' are perfect examples of this as YG speaks on his issues with his record label and his life being a rollercoaster with the lost of close friends such as Nipsey Hussle. YG also delivers some uptempo club records on this project, which is something his fan base also expects from him. Singles such as SWAG gave the listener a taste of YG's more celebratory sounds. My Life 4Hunnid also delivers featured verses from artists such as Lil Wayne, who happens to be on a tear this year, Ty Dolla Sign, Gunna and Lil Tjay. The project is tied together with skits of Y's daughter as she speaks to her father about worries that a child shouldn't have to be concerned, accurately titled 'Traumatized'

We also get the record FTP on this project, a sequel to the record FDT which featured the late great Nipsey Hussle. This song is very timely, especially after the multiple examples of police brutality across the world, we find this record close to the end of the album just to remind the listener exactly how YG feels about law enforcement. The album comes to a close with arguably one of the Hip Hop records of the year, or at least one of YG's best records, from production to lyrics - Laugh Now Cry Later. Overall this project is another solid delivery from YG with a great potential to resonate with more listens as one of the better of his career.

Listen to My Life 4hunnid here:

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