• Megan Warrender

YellowStraps Soothe The Soul With The Release Of New Lockdown Project

Following a string of recent releases, brothers Yvan and Alban have finally unveiled their new project: Yellockdown Project, a mixtape inspired by these uncertain times. They are not the first to be releasing a lockdown body of work and they will certainly not be the last. However, this project stands out through its sheer ability to melt your worries into a funky hip-hop haze, acting as the perfect soundtrack to the mundane day-to-day experienced worldwide during a lockdown.

The Yellockdown Project is the direct result of the period the world faced from March to June 2020. The minute the lockdown was officially announced, YellowStraps decided to set themselves the creative challenge of releasing one track per week, every week, with each track featuring a different artist and every track being written in 24 hours. Following the February release of EP Goldress, this project has acted as an opportunity for the duo to really challenge themselves.

Their seamless transitions between English and French lyricism feed into the overall smooth slick feel of the project. Careful curation, personal connections with each contributing artist and the current global landscape have birthed this innovative collection of music that is a gift in these times and remains true to the YellowStraps DNA - bedroom type RnB with colourful synths, playful melodies, and powerful hooks.

Well-documented via their YouTube channel, the result is this 13-track project, with 16 features from across the globe - all created over the internet. Listen to Yellockdown Project below:

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