• Megan Warrender

Watch out for: YellowStraps

New material from the Belgian alternative RnB duo is reminiscent of warmer days and reminds us of the importance of independence and striking a healthy balance.

© Baudouin Willemart

The Murenzi brothers reveal a little about the complexities behind their new single: ‘Take Over’ describes the toxic situation in a relationship where one party is overly dependant on the other. It takes the form of a direct conversation in which one of the parties explains to the other that it is essential to have their own balanced path and way of life, instead of relying on the others’.

The music video, directed by François Dubois, echoes this sentiment perfectly, it is haunting and beautiful, and as the tempo of the song builds so does the tension between the two people, trapped in a toxic situation with one another. The track itself leads with a jazzy electric guitar that keeps the listener enraptured throughout. This paired with a rhythmic set of drums and spacious pauses creates the equipoise between complex and boisterous.

Alongside this luxurious new track, YellowStraps have recently released their new EP Goldress, and it seems like this importance of balance which they elude to in their single, is also maintained throughout their music. Transcending both soul and electric, they weave us through warm beats, twinkling instrumentals, and silky harmonies, all balanced perfectly to create catchy memorable hooks.

It is an excellent stride forward for these two Belgian brothers, who, despite having been around a while, have been making serious waves already in 2020. The EP was number #1 in the UK on BBC Radio 1Xtra // Jamz Supernova.

Just listening to Goldress feels like defrosting from a chilly winter ready for something more enjoyable, warm and light-hearted. The nimble arrangement eludes to lighter laid-back evenings with a personal favorite found in the energetic How It Goes - perhaps the least restrained of the 8 tracks.

If you like Jordan Rakei, King Krule or FKJ, give them a listen and it will be worth your time.

Here are their upcoming shows for later this year:

7 May - Lille, France

8 May - Paris, France

10 May - Amsterdam, Netherlands

13 May - London, UK

14 May - Brighton, UK

15 May - Brighton, UK

16 May - Niort, France

20 May - Basel, Switzerland

21 May - Zurich, Switzerland

22 May - Berlin, Germany

Check out their Colors session below:

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