• Fatima Sheekhuna

Using Your Favourite Songs to Balance Your Energy

Amidst the current climate of a global pandemic, dialogue around racism, and the third anniversary of Grenfell happening over the weekend, there is a lot happening that has us collectively feeling overwhelmed and off balance physically, emotionally and mentally.

For many of us, music and art are very likely to be providing an escape and the desired tools to heal and get through these trying times. I recently discovered, through a range of IG lives Sza did on wellness, that it’s possible to use your favourite songs more intentionally to balance your being, energy and more specifically your 7 chakras. As conversations around wellness and energy work become more popularised and commercialised, it may seem a bit pretentious, but I implore you to read on and give this a chance.

For those that are yet to be accustomed to what the 7 chakras are, here is a brief outline. The word chakra translates to wheel and the 7 points are ultimately wheels of energy situated at various points across the midline of the body. There are thought to be up to 114 points across the body, but those are details for another day. Overall, they are linked to the mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing of an individual and each point serves a specific purpose when exercised correctly.

Due to the limited amount of research and knowledge in western medicine revolving energy, its teachings are not often widespread and as a result, we do not have the tools to exercise these 7 points. If you want a better understanding of each ones purpose and how to know if they are balanced or not, use this site which also has a test to help you see what state yours are in. There are various practices that may be utilised to balance each chakra if they are over or under-active, and the use of sound is becoming a popular one. Sound bowls and baths have become another element of spirituality gaining huge momentum, but today we are speaking on the power of our favourite songs.

Each chakra corresponds to a specific key note of music that works to keep it in harmony. In western understanding of the practice, the crown chakra is associated with the note B, third eye with A, throat with G, heart with F, solar plexus with E, sacral with D and root with C.

Having an awareness of the what key a particular song has been composed in will allow you to create a playlist dedicated to balancing your chakra energy. The website tunebat is a really good tool in finding out what key a song has been comprised of. Just think of any songs that make you feel good and find out their key using the site. You can make a playlist of songs all in one key to balance one chakra, or a range in the order of their alignment to help balance all of them at once.

Right now more than ever, it is imperative we are taking care of our being in all manners. The society in which we live does not always allow time to discover tools to do so, and I hope this helps many of us realise how we can use our everyday practises to take care of our wellbeing. I have made a short playlist to give you an idea of how this practice can be used. I hope you enjoy making your own chakra playlists.

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