• Themis Gkiosasi

UK Upcoming Artist Valentino Releases Self Produced Track "YKTV"

Valentino is a 24-year-old half English half Nigerian rapper/producer who lives in Cambridge. As the artist mentions he always had a deep passion for music starting off from DJing at University nights in various places such as Nottingham and Cambridge. He started from doing mashups and acapella edits but what got him seriously in producing is the passing of his best friend who made him realise that he should take music seriously and not care about other peoples opinion. And so he did.

"YKTV" (You Know The Vibes) is his new single filled with spacey melodies and atmospheres accompanied by some smooth drums. It's a really catchy song and we see him talking about his state of mind and how he needs to stay on the top of his lane. Here are some words from him:

"I feel this track is me beginning to find my own sound in a way which I can begin to carve out my own lane with regards to the overall song production process. I feel me going back to making beats again has allowed me to start off every new song the way I want it to start."

We have his track on repeat and we're sure you will too!

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