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Trinity Square release their mixtape 'Ts Way'

Formerly known as the '5ivers' Trinity Square are quickly becoming popular rising artists within the UK scene by recently releasing their debut mixtape 'TS Way' I managed to speak to them ahead of the release of their tape.

When did you guys come together as a collective to make music? 

Trinity Square (TS): It started off as a joke, our manager put us in studio, and we are friends from school

How did you come up with name Trinity Square?

TS: We used to be called the fivers, Canadians put copywright over us

'TS Way’ – What does this mean?

TS: The lifestyle, it’s the way, the TS way,people are going to know the TS way

How do you all put sounds together, how do you know what works well sonically? 

TS: We’re vybzing in the studio and write a few verses and show the guys and make the track 

How long did it take you to make this tape?

TS: It was a few songs that were made over a year or two, it wasn’t meant to be a tape, lockdown came around and we decided let’s give them something

How did you know which tracks will make the tape, were there any tracks left off?

TS: Many tracks left off, we believed these songs on the tape would show our versatility.

You’ve got songs produced by Mokuba, Zdot and A Class, how did you pick the producers for your songs? 

TS: We would usually use Youtube beats, it could be anybody, if we like the sounds of the beats, we would find what we find

How do you all keep yourselves motivated? 

TS: Its all the hustle, everything we do keeps us driven, there is no lack of hunger we have responsibilities.

What’s been the biggest difficulty in the journey? 

TS: Having everyone understand what we all want

What is the future like for trinity square, most groups go their separate ways, what’s the plans for the future?

TS: We know right now we are together and we will stay together

Young t, Bugsey recently co-signed you, how do you feel about that?

TS: We’ve known them for a while and its always love

Any future plans?

TS: A lot coming, we are not stopping form here we are active we are locked in.

TS Way is available to stream 'Here'

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