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Tominthechamber is peeling back the 'Layers' to his mind in new project

As the resident sound engineer of MAK Studios in Bedford, and just arriving home after studying Music Technology at university, Tominthechamber has lived a life of nothing but recording, producing, mixing and writing for the last 5 years. His previous tape, ‘Monologue’ was entirely created by himself with no external input. This was his chance to prove that there is so much that can be done alone with nothing but drive and a makeshift studio set up.

After arriving at MAK, Tom met Demo – a talented, versatile and undeniably driven local producer – and they clicked very quickly. Thus, they inevitably went on to make a huge number of tracks together – with no intention of creating a conceptual tape; it’s just fun to them.

After experimenting with different sounds and generally catching a wave, the pair decided to link up on some beat collabs. They’d agree on a tempo and then both get to work on their laptops; Demo would get together a drum loop while Tom played out and layered up some melodies. These drum loops got sent over and put together with the melodies to create a fast and efficient way of fusing two minds together to conjur up some unconventional yet unexpectedly sick beats.

A basis for a beat would be made, would get the Yes or No, and then they’d move onto the next. All the ‘Yes’ beats would then be written to and the music would then unfold itself.Tom would then go on to experiment with vocal production, with the notable creative use of AutoTune and other interesting effects. Following on from ‘Monologue’, Layers is another slap in the face of listeners; showing what can be possible with postproduction and careful mixing, with a number of surprises along the way. This is how LAYERS was created.

Taking inspiration mostly from the music of the States, such as Kanye West, Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator (and many more), LAYERS is inherently Alternative but finds a way of being digestible. The target audience is cult listeners; individuals that want to get an insight into the mind of a creator and that can appreciate a high standard of production and realistic, but experimental, lyrical avenues. Tom and Demo live by these qualities and strive for nothing but integrity.

Listen to the full album below.

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