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The Newest Holiday Destination Is Shay Lia's Mesmerising New EP: 'Solaris'

The multi-genre songstress Shay Lia celebrates a range of moods and topics in the cordial rhythmic sensation that is 'Solaris'. Showing she confines to no specific sound, the singer proves her melodic range experimenting with a scope of refreshing beats and quite fittingly the EP being released at a time where not everyone is able to escape, Solaris stands in as that staycation.

Artwork by Jeff Manning

Shay Lia is a woman with many locations tied to her person - born in France then raised in the small, East African country of Djibouti and currently residing in Montreal, Canada. Her soulful sounds smoothly involve blending into multiple genres and "dive into a concise, sonic + visual narrative of her self-discovery."

Shay had made her annual family visit to the Ivory Coast for Christmas in 2019, where the East African singer began planning a follow-up to her first album from earlier that year titled 'Dangerous'. There is not a moment that you are able to resist dancing when tuning into the EP; from the popular afro-beat sounds featured in 'Mais Oui' to the warm and vibrant pop vibe of the focus track 'Irrational'. With producer credits that feature Guilty Beatz, Phantom, Kenz Garden and more, the undeniable island atmosphere is reflective of the singer's contagious aura making Solaris the perfect holiday destination to get lost in.

Photography by Ben Faure

Speaking on the EP Shay said: “SOLARIS is a place you can go - a state of mind. It’s where the sun shines brightest. It is a place of joy, dancing, sensuality, confidence and warmth. I took my second project as another opportunity to explore and discover. I’m discovering myself while you’re discovering me! I’m trying new things, changing my  approach and committing to my vision. I didn’t want to stay in the comfort zone I had created with my debut EP, Dangerous, which was made of R&B, soul and funk. With SOLARIS, I went for a blend of R&B,  pop and afrobeat. I’m so grateful to the dope Haitian and Nigerian producers that worked with me on this -  my songwriting process on this project was incredibly organic and freeing. To me, each song is special and has its own signature vibe. The tracks  are all different from one another but they’re part of the same world; SOLARIS.”

Ultimately Shay Lia's powerful discography has become even more versatile and monumental; with Solaris joining her critically acclaimed 2019 debut in addition to her popular fun singles with fellow Canadian producer KAYTRANADA.

The 5 Track EP includes:

  1. Irrational

  2. Mais Oui

  3. High Up

  4. All Up To You

  5. Love Me, Love Me Not

Stream 'Solaris' Below

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