• New Wave

The Composer Trilogy by Emmanuel Speaks

Who Told You?

The lead character's (Ola) call to adventure is his music. However, because of inner self-doubts, he refuses the invitation, and his friend's death acts as the belly of the whale-a dark time of constriction and reflection, which will most likely spur him on his musical journey once he emerges out from the whale's belly. A dominant debut to an up-and-coming series. Possessed all the elements required to hook the viewer into the unfolding story. It painted a clear picture of life(which can either be scary or fascinating; but is frightening in this case ) with the exploration of conflict ranging from internal at the beginning and external and internal at the end.

An initiation signifies an ascent into a different stage of life. The main character (Ola), is forced to undergo a transformation (from innocence to becoming more complicated and possibly in future more worldly) due to the death of his close friend faces a trial filled journey that will change the fabrics of his life and consciousness forever due to the internal scars inflicted upon him. I cannot wait to see how Ola's journey shapes.

Sticking To The Plan


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