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Tame Impala Releases Fourth Studio Album 'The Slow Rush'

After a five year break Tame Impala, AKA Kevin Parker, has released his highly anticipated fourth studio album The Slow Rush on February 14th.

This Australian native started out in 2010 with a condensed fan base producing psychedelic rock and home recording his tracks. But ever since the release of 2015's 'Currents', Parker has not only transformed within his career but worked with an abundance of artists such as Travis Scott, Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Mark Ronson. His tracks have also been covered by the likes of Rihanna and Arctic Monkeys, whom they supported during their AM tour.

By retaining his artistic abilities with synths, Parker still manages to still be able to create tracks that don't at all sound repetitive and instead produces new sounds and introduces more piano playing. Drawing inspiration from 80s Pop in tracks such as 'Lost In Yesterday', he is still able to fuse genres like Disco and Funk, similar to Daft Punk's 2001 album 'Discovery' in the track 'Is It True' for example, therefore making it accessible and simply lighthearted, breezy Pop.

Listen to The Slow Rush right now!

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