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SomaDina's EP FIVE STAGES Is A Process Of Healing

Cover art by thankgodhimself

SomaDina is a talented singer-songwriter based between the UK and Nigeria, she has finally presented the public with her debut EP ‘Five Stages’, a project that has been in the works for her for a considerable amount of time, as she cautiously developed her sound after releasing two prior singles. FIVE STAGES is a 5 song project telling a story of the five stages of grief that one goes through in hard times. Living at university with a grieving roommate as well as dealing with a heartbreak herself, we're the catalysts that cultivated the narrative for the Soulful project, SomaDina on this concise and well-structured project speaks on topics of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Back in her Uni days, ‘Five Stages’ was just two songs deep, but personal and external life experiences were therefore infused into the music.

On the eve of Valentine's day, SomaDina gives us a somber record that forces self-reflection and touches on relatable themes that listeners can digest for the rest of the year. Somadina's vocal performance on this project is also not to be ignored as her voice, although soft on the ears and inviting, cut though the mainly acoustic/piano based instruments, giving us a raw and honest take key topics in relationships and self-discovery.

Listen to the project below!

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