• Elle Evans

Snoh Aalegra Drops Heartfelt "Ugh, Those Feels Again"

The project we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. Snoh Aalegra has released her latest album Ugh, Those Feels Again. Taking us back through the motions this album is laced with smooth instrumentals, sultry tones and vulnerability, ready for a 40 minute heartfelt reflection. Following up from the debut Feels which was released 2 years ago, the Swedish R&B songstress is fresh out of a relationship and takes us on a journey of self love, heartbreak, loss and fear.

The title Ugh, Those Feels Again, the ever relatable line after falling in love and having to pull yourself back through. The intro Here Now merges into one of the most prominent songs off of the album I Want You Around, which focuses on the story of a budding love, when the butterflies start to appear. Snoh's vocals glide through the smooth jazz instrumental, "I try not to show how I feel about you / Thinkin' we should wait, but we don't really want to / I just wanna get away / And sit right next to you".

Situationship, a song exploring being stuck in between edging closer to becoming in a relationship but also being a casual-hook up and not wanting to say anything that could potentially ruin the whole thing. Whoa exposes the crazy chemistry and having to control it, whereas Find Someone Like You is a song written for your future partner "Baby I, I want this / Can we make this last forever?". The first half of the album focuses on embracing a new found love and just wanting to be with that person all the time. The second half of the album shows a slightly darker side, realising that it wasn't what it seemed. Charleville 9200, Pt.2 highlights the point of breakage and heartache when it first hits with notable lyrics "Why you take me up this high / Just to put a hole in my parachute / So I would fall for you". Which follows through to You, a personal favourite off the album, an almost tunnel vision felt track. You is about knowing that it's wrong but trying so hard to save it, combined with the fear of losing of someone that you've opened up to, being blinded by it and forgetting what the right thing to do is.

Njoy, acts as a public service announcement after having time to think everything through and realising you deserve better "It's the last time I'll speak on it / 'Cause you ain't that important / It's the last time I'll sing about you / You search for me in every woman you see". Nothing To Me shows the light at the end of the tunnel, by this point you've felt and gone through every emotion. To the point where you are almost numb to them and whatever they say or do to try and win you back won't phase you "Now you wanna love me, baby (That means nothing to me) / Now you wanna make things right, but (That means nothing to me) / Now you wanna say you're sorry (That means nothing to me)". The last track on the album entitled Peace speaks for itself. This track emphasises finding inner peace and loving yourself again. Listen to the album and let us know your thoughts!

Rating: 80/100

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