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Sean 1da: A Step Into The Spotlight With His Debut Single "Double Up" Featuring Double Lz & Bandokay

Born and raised in London, Sean 1da started his journey within music at the youthful age of 16. One day his mother gifted him with a laptop where he found himself watching YouTube videos of various R&B producers including Timbaland and Ryan Leslie. Consumed and intrigued by the production realm, he downloaded a software and began teaching himself how to assemble beats. It was around this time his father ran a youth centre based in Peckham where Sean took what he was learning to the next level and began spitting bars, eventually joining a Grime crew as a teen.

Fast forward to when he was studying marketing and business at University, he became friends with fellow producers P2J and Crumbz and together formed the ultimate production trio named, Mindz. Encouraging each other to climb to their great potential and in turn boosting each-others confidence, the trio soon found themselves producing tracks for So Solid Crew, Cashtastic and Gyptian - becoming a reputable force in the underground Rap and RnB scene. Growing their name as quality producers for the next five years, the trio started to part ways and take on their individual goals and needs. Feeling restrained musically, Sean no longer felt the initial buzz, in-able to express himself entirely he instead decided to add song-writing to his pool of genius. Utilizing his quality talent as a beat-smith, his motivation to excel was higher than ever. Sitting in his bedroom alongside a mic, recording and song writing, this space became his creative hub; sending records out to various artists and producers, he finally found a sense of fulfillment in his new-found passion.

Taking his talent overseas, Sean explored his song-writing skills in the US, amongst boast-worthy names including Jim Jonsin (Beyoncé, Usher, Eminem), Ayo N Keyz (Beyoncé, Cardi B, Jaden Smith) and Soulshock and Karlin (Whitney Houston, 2Pac, Craig David), travelling from Nashville to Atlanta to Los Angeles he returned from his journey of development to London, and established himself as one of the country’s most exciting songwriters. In finding something that made him happy, since then its been nothing but an up-hill climb for the multi-talented artist. Working alongside some of the UK’s biggest names including Giggs, Nafe Smallz, Avelino, Ramz and more, Sean 1da has proved himself as a force to be reckoned with.

To say this year has been a hard test for us all is an understatement, however, despite the global pandemic and overriding uncertainty, this hasn’t stopped Sean 1da from chasing the bag! Earlier this year, three of the nation’s favorite artists teamed up for a joint album titled, ‘Insomnia’. Skepta, Young Adz and Chip merged their signature talents into one and Sean 1da contributed to this body of greatness on “Mic Check”, a garage-infused track alongside Nia C and RXWNTREE – amazing right?! Not only this, catching a flight to Sweden prior to the pandemic, Sean paired up with DJ Camper and wrote ‘”Say Something” from Brandy’s highly awaited seventh album ‘B7’.

Having established himself as an all-round multi-talented artist, Sean 1da is finally taking the step from the behind the shadows and into the spotlight with his debut single “Double Up” featuring OFB’s Bandokay and Double Lz. Written in his bedroom, he sent it off to his friend for his opinion and found itself in the hands of A&R’s who took it to a meeting at Warner. Having now been offered a record deal, Sean 1da flew at the opportunity and is taking his artistry to the next level. Living in times of uncertainty and hardship, this single encourages listeners to believe in their sauce and invest in their side hustles so that they are always able to roll with life’s punches – a concept that draws from his ever-growing career. With what's looking to be a prosperous career ahead, we are sure this isn't the last you'll hear of Sean 1da!

Listen to “Double Up” below.

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