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Santino Le Saint Releases First Instalment Of Two-Part EP 'Blue Pill'

Photography by Adam Ali

Last week, the Brixton-based singer-songwriter Santino Le Saint released the first instalment of his two-part, matrix-inspired EP 'Blue Pill'. The EP is made of four tracks, one of which is his debut single 'I Know' which the artist released in August this year. Santino Le Saint has gone on to perform the track on the globally-acknowledged performance platform COLORS ranking 420,000 views to date.

I Know is now accompanied by three other tracks to complete the EP which Santino self-produced. He kickstarts the EP with the hard-hitting Party, introducing a rebellious feel to his music that he worked to epitomise throughout the whole of Blue Pill. He tones down the energy in Ecstacy with a combination of subtle melodies and bass which South London's Infamous Izak effortlessly flows over with his vocals. Serotonin's heavy instrumental composition brings together an electric, Latin-rock sound which rightfully represents both the track's feature Latin-trap rapper Cruz Cafuné and Santino's dominant inspiration from the genre of rock.

Photography by Adam Ali

All in all, the EP carries youthful and atmospheric energy, not to forget the emotionally-fuelled sound that Santino Le Saint is best known for creating. Uncovering some of Santino's thoughts processes whilst forming the EP, it is evident to see that Santino was inspired by his own personal experiences of love and youth.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the body of work:

“I've been working on two projects called 'Blue Pill' and 'Red Pill' that embody two sides of a person's love life. 'Blue Pill' is a project characterised by ignorance, partying and being selfish in love.

Stream Blue Pill here.

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