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Sabrina Claudio Returns With Entrancing Single 'Holding The Gun'

Sabrina Claudio has just dropped a brand new song alongside visuals entitled Holding The Gun. Known for her angelic, seductive and ethereal sound. The songstress has been teasing the track since the start of the month. Taking to Instagram posting press shots with quoted lyrics as captions, listeners have been awaiting the drop since. Holding The Gun is in fact going to be featured on her forthcoming project that will follow up from No Rain, No Flowers.

Sabrina has topped herself yet again with Holding The Gun. The cinematic visuals are directed by Ozzie Pullin, inspired by the smoking guns and deathbeds from noir and crime films. The songstress is seen in a 'Bonnie and Clyde' type relationship with her partner in crime in an almost tragic and bloodied love story. The song talks about violence and taking bullets but Sabrina's airy vocals play a huge contrast into how the song is actually received. "I'll make excuses, And I'll keep all your secrets, I will take your bullets, Even if it were you holding the gun" In a recent interview she stated 'Everything about this visual and this song is a metaphor. I actually made sure to not have any violence in the video, everything is just assumed — the "crime" was never shown, us actually "being shot" was never revealed, there's not a single gun in the video'. Dancing with her lover covered in blood, Sabrina states that the blood is a symbolism for loyalty and having an unbreakable bond. The whole concept of the video was based off of the phrase 'Ride or die'.

Watch the visuals to Holding The Gun below. You can catch Sabrina on tour later on this year in London here.

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