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RoRo Shares New Explosive Single "Dance With The Devil"

The soulful Bajan singer-songwriter RoRo released her audacious and fierce new single “Dance With The Devil” produced by Courage. RoRo wears her musical influences proudly on her skin, as her tattoos capture the faces of Lauryn Hill, Etta James, Erykah Badu and Nina Simone. RoRo visually displays that her inspirations go beyond her Bajan roots and her distinctive sound takes a similar approach. The track offers a ruminative feel coupled with an uplifting and catchy chorus evidently exposing the variation in RoRo’s sound. The textures of RoRo’s astounding range and vocal ability are fulfilling and vibrant. RoRo speaks on the meaning behind the song and mentions, “Dance with the devil is about going after a moment and living in it... people say record deals are like signing your life away and so I just wanted to play off that almost to say have a dance with danger. If something means a lot to you follow through with your eyes wide open.”

The New Wave team also got the opportunity to ask RoRo a few questions to get a better insight into RoRo’s artistry…

How has your upbringing and environment impacted your sound?

I wouldn’t say that it has. Music has always been my ‘escape’, I love jazz and blues, reggae, anything old really. These genres are the core of my sound and the artists who had the biggest impact on me.

Your sound is expressive and powerful - how would you like this to resonant with your fans and listeners?

Thank you 😊.... I want people to feel me, relate to me, hear my shit and know exactly what I mean because they’ve been there before. Ultimately, I’m telling their stories and talking directly to them through my music because I want them to know me, and this is the only way I know how to do that.

What is the thought process behind the music artwork?

Thought process is quite simple - because I’m a simple girl - colours, textures, scenery anything that sets a mood or opens people's imagination to what my music could be for them.

What is your creative process like?

I like to be inspired, I love live instruments, I love different eras in music and always wanna have my moment in those times, as well as bring something modern to the table. It honestly depends on how I feel sometimes, I’d write a sad song if I’m sad, happy ones when I’m happy. I’m all over the place cuz creativity is madness lol (in a good way).

What's next for you?

More music, a Toddla T producky and finishing my ep. Adapting.

RoRo’s ability to be expressive through her music and simultaneously reach a wide-range audience is ingenious. The soulful aura RoRo effortlessly exudes transpires in her flamboyant sound. RoRo’s vibe is incomparable, and with her debut EP in the works we are guaranteed to be blessed with more genre-spanning music soon! In the meantime, listen to the new soul-stirring single “Dance With The Devil”!

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