• Connor Aiden

One To Watch: Maya B

21-year-old Los Angeles native and creator of Alternative R&B Maya B has being making some serious waves ever since releasing her 2017 debut single 'Kiss On My Neck'. Receiving some serious praise from the likes of DJ Khaled and Zane Lowe, Maya impressively caught the attention of Major Label Capitol Records who signed her at age 20. Mayas first ferocious release with Capitol 'Selenas' was entirely produced entirely by herself, showing off the artists poetic prowess and shining individuality. Mayas music so far reads as a heartfelt and self confident portfolio of highly original musical concepts which is unsurprising considering the artist is inspired by artist such as Missy Elliot, Angel Olsen, and John Lennon. Spending this year on tour with Summer Walker and Mabel as-well as working with Pharrell and Malay in the studio on her upcoming EP Maya shows no sign or slowing down anytime soon. Maya's most recent track 'Getty Woah' displays Maya at her best, effortlessly experimenting with Hip Hop and R&B styles in her own way, paired with modern confessional lyrics like "I don't want that petty-getty, woah... I know I ain't broke but I am staying woke".

Say you like me 'cause I'm not rockin' white Adidas Say you like my hair 'cause it reminds you of Selena's Say you'll treat me like a princess, treat me like a queen And say you'll hook me up if I like smokin' on the reefer.

“Art was that whisper I heard at 5, telling me  this is what you’re meant to do. Growing up, I was stuck between quick confessions and eternal silence. I was stuck between Mom and Dad. I was stuck between breaking the mold and being cemented into the cracks. I’m still stuck to the way art touched me… Art is that feeling I get when I lose. Art was the push telling me to use this hurt as fuel. Art is spring food for my eyes while irritating my nostrils. Art is the calm sun squeezing through the blinds, waking me up and telling me, ‘get the fuck up and work’.”
Artwork by Maya B

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