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New Wave Crosses the Atlantic Ocean for YARDLAND Festival

As the festival season is slowly approaching, New Wave Magazine is set up with yet another task up their sleeves and this time around, it concerns the newest Parisian festival in town: YARDLAND. Paris is known for having the most memorable gatherings of culturally-relevant events across Europe and this summer 2023 is no different. Thought to be the most anticipated live event in the capital city of France, YARDLAND will open their doors to festival-goers for the very first time and we will be present to make sure you do not miss out on the best music they have to offer.

If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to attend YARDLAND this year, but wish to know what you can expect as an attendee, do not worry! New Wave Magazine will be there in person to cover the ins and outs of this special get-together, lead exclusive interviews with some of your favourite artists and give you an overall first impression of the YARDLAND experience.

Who is YARD?

You may not recognize the name at first; however, popular media house YARD is known nationally in France as the centre for everything concerning urban culture. Established in 2014, YARD quickly rose to relevance, recording deep interviews, exclusive documentaries, authentic stories and unforgettable live performances, only to include their own festival with an impressive lineup into the mix. Their selling point is that YARD proudly empathises on community-building, making a name for themselves due to their firm connection with a loyal audience.

To take place on July 1st and the 2nd at the Parc de Choisy Paris Val De Marne, YARDLAND plans to offer the best lineup you surely do not want to miss out. This includes Ayra Starr, Tayc, Metro Boomin, Bu$hi, Jäde, Omah Lay, Didi B and many more. All carefully selected by YARD to ensure that you have the best time of your life and the live performances are worthwhile. Aside from live music, some of their additional services you may ravish in person are 4 grand stages, ateliers, personalised talks and YARD-like workshops.

Now, who are some of the artists New Wave can’t wait to catch up with?

Metro Boomin

Known as the main attraction of the event, St. Louis music producer Metro Boomin has all of our mouths drooling. Not only did he arguably release album of the year ‘Heroes & Villains’, Metro is believed to have the best collection of modern classics in the last 7 years. Just imagine if he started playing ‘X’ featuring 21 Savage and the crowd went wild, or simply chose to bring up a special guest on stage such as Gunna or Don Toliver?

Ayra Starr

The highest performer on our list has to be Nigerian sweetheart Ayra Starr. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see her on stage? Started as a local sensation before turning into an international superstar, Ayra had a tremendous year thus far and her performing at YARDLAND festival is just the icing on top of the cake. We believe Ayra was born for the limelight and we can only begin to grasp the ‘Rush’ she will give us on stage.


Perhaps a fan-favourite amongst our English listeners, Tayc is a French singer all of us adore. Fell on our radar with hit songs such as ‘DODO’, we can not wait to see him live. Although he is known for chill RnB takes, we do not expect him to take his performance any lightly and while female supporters would die just to see a glimpse of his face, the Cameroon singer will surely break our hearts on this occasion as well. Who better than Tayc to romanticise the Parisian heat?

Omah Lay

Seen as the new generation Wizkid, Omah Lay can not be skipped as our excitement keeps on growing day by day. Just the thought of standing there mesmerised amongst the crowd while listening to Omah singing ‘soso’ gave us goosebumps.


The next artist on our list is someone you could not swipe through Tik Tok in 2022 without seeing memes around his COLOR’s show. Nigerian singer Oxlade is a star on the making and his performance at YARDLAND might as well solidify him onto the hall of fame.


With the opportunity of a lifetime to introduce our English audience to rising French stars worth listening to, Lyonnais rapper Bu$hi is a performer on the list we can not wait to experience up close. In hopes of an exclusive interview to fuel our readers with more details and insights, we believe that we will enjoy his performers just as much.


It can not be a known French festival without their RnB princess Jäde. First appeared on the music scene during the glory days of SoundCloud, the Lyonnaise singer made her mark once she officially unveiled her song ‘Diddy’ in 2022. Now as part of arguably the biggest festival in Paris, we must have an exclusive interview with the starlet and introduce her to our readers. It is fair to say that Jäde will surely be another performer to break hearts this summer.


Nothing compares to the feeling of seeing one of ours, British rapper ENNY, joining the YARDLAND stage. Rising to prominence with her 2020 hit song ‘Peng Black Girls’ featuring Jorja Smith, ENNY has earned her place at the festival and deserves all the praise. As we already have seen her perform numerous times at home, we know that she will not disappoint in Paris.

Buy your tickets for YARDLAND here. We can not wait to meet you there!