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MCQ Partner With An All Star Team For FOAM: CYCLE 1

Basic items designed for workwear are reinvented in MCQ's latest 'Foam' collection; targeting the theme of construction and manufacture certain garments that traditionally have a weight to them, such as items of outerwear, have been transformed into more lightweight and delicate pieces. Throughout the collection, there is a constant emphasis on how materials can be modified in terms of their weight and structure, and therefore adapt to their surroundings. The campaign features several images displaying gadgets involved in the technical industry of building and production.

The collection features several pieces of knitwear, including two garments that exhibit a complex pattern of horizontal and vertical lines. The warm tones of red and orange compliment the pieces, and are staple items within one's winter wardrobe. Their FO-3 Rib Knit Crew echoes underlying similarities to Fendi, illustrating a contrasting array of neutral tones; a statement yet versatile piece.

Streetwear is also integrated into the 'FOAM' campaign, featuring several graphic hoodies as well as t-shirts. The pieces display structured and analytical designs, further echoing an image of functionality. These geometric graphics are continued on the t-shirts.

MCQ have partnered with some great talent for this campaign sich as South London MC, Flohio, who will be hosting the launch party for this event as well as being part pf the creative team along sode Sam Woo, a multidisiplinary artist and photographer, Cosmo Webber, who has worked with the liked of Skepta and Octavian for many years. Multi award winning director Duncan Loudon is also a part of the FOAM team. Cosmo Webber and Sam Woo wanted to play on the idea of contradictions, making sculptures alongside artist Louis Gibson based on the same design breif used for the clothing itself. This brief takes items from the streets of London that are abandoned and disregarded to create a sculpture that resonates with the harfer edges of the city.

Flohio, Mimi and Zhou star in the campaign, being shot with the sculptures next to each look by Cosmo Webber. Watch the visual taking a look into the creative process oof this project while showcasing the final FOAM pieces below:

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