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Lloyd P-White Releases New Single ‘Fxcked Up’ Alongside Vibey Visuals

Hailing from Britain and raised in Switzerland, 25-Year-Old Hip Hop/Rap artist Lloyd P-White has been rapidly making his presence known to the world already accumulating over 4,000,000 Spotify streams globally. The Hackney-based artist has released multiple tracks with much success over the past few years, as-well-as being featured on viral playlists all while impressively remaining independent. When listening to Lloyds discography you are presented with a wide range of variation in terms of moods and topic matters, hearing the natural evolution into his artistry extremely well. Lloyd blends many elements from urban genres seamlessly creating both a widely appealing and individualistic sound which is reflected by the interest and numbers of his ever-growing audience.

The track in question 'Fxcked Up' produced by Aitch collaborator Shinra is a total after club anthem and the singers ode to getting intoxicated. The lyrics reflect Lloyds personal philosophy of doing exactly what you want to in life regardless of what you're "supposed" to be doing. The track is memorable and simplistic, driven by the rappers hard-hitting yet nonchalant flow and the rhythmic beat and bass-line courtesy of Shinra. With equal parts humorous and deep lyrics as well as a no-frills party inspired video 'Fxcked Up' makes for a great and undeniably catchy addition to the up and coming rappers roster.

Already putting the finishing touches on his much anticipated next project and set to announce some live shows in 2020 he is most definitely not one to be missed with his trajectory towards success showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Watch the Official Music Video to 'Fxcked Up' Below

Get it back like one and two

Double barrel shotgun talking 'bout the booze

Take another shot to the head that’s the mood

Lloyd P. White






Stream 'Fxcked Up' below

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