• Megan Warrender

Listen To Crystal Murray's Debut EP 'I Was Wrong'

"The EP is like me. I’m a teenager - my emotions are unsure."

At just 18 years old, Parisian artist Crystal Murray is creating energetic neo-soul jazz-infused “I know that I don’t know everything” bops. Her debut EP 'I Was Wrong' consists of 5 tracks spanning moments of her teenage years. With each track on the EP exploring new and complex emotions, it feels like we are learning with her. It is self-aware, mature beyond its years and most of all, feel-good fun.

The EP itself features two stand out tracks in the form of previous single ‘Princess’, which was featured on a Dior Beauty advert featuring the likes of Bella Hadid, and the Infectious ‘Easy Like Before.’ She states that 'Easy Like Before' is about how “right now it’s not good but before it was good. It’s something I spoiled - I wanted it to stay so good so much that I ruined it.” Candid lyricism such as “Can you make it easy like before / I know I had you but I’m greedy give me more” are sultry, slick and relatable; we are all guilty of wanting what we can’t have. On RnB infused 'Diamond Man', Murray exudes confidence while exploring the familiar feeling of building someone up in your mind just to be let down by the real thing. She ends the song with a tongue in cheek quip - "He ain't no diamond man".

Despite the accessibility of her songs, Murray has had anything but the average teenage life. At just 14 she was an integral part of female fashion collective 'Gucci Gang', a group of influential Parisian teenagers dubbed a 'new generation' of creatives who have been featured in the likes of Vogue. As this young age, Gucci Gang have since created ‘Safe Place’, a platform aimed at breaking down taboos and which helps gives voice to people who have suffered sexual abuse and harassment.

'I Was Wrong' is an ode to being a teenager with changeable emotion, and with its overt maturity, we can’t wait to see what's to come from Crystal Murray.

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