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Kinkai Spills All In Wavey New Instalment: 'Cherry B'

If you are someone who is well versed in Manchester’s thriving music scene; Kinkai’s name should definitely ring a few bells and if it did, you’ll be glad to know he has returned with a new single, accompanied by visuals entitled: ‘Cherry B’

The Mancunian poet's discography extracts elements of old school hip-hop, whilst implementing components of suave Jazzy sounds. In addition, to injecting his own style through assertive flows comprised of introspective rhymes, that are sure to leave you in deep thought.

As a prominent figure in Manchester's urban realm, he has racked up countless collaborations with equally talented 0161 residents, including: Children of Zeus, The Mouse Outfit, Layfullstop as well as, extremely skilled producers, such as Blue Lab Beats with regular contibutions from Glue70.

His signature soul-hop style has seen him grace the stages of The Jazz Cafe, Birthdays, Manchester Academy and Outlook Festival. With over 1 million Spotify streams and 200k+ views on YouTube there’s no wonder why his sound has reached audiences globally.

Kinkai’s most recent instalment ‘Cherry B’ showcases his ability merge simplistic yet effective lyricism, to divulge the inner works of his mind.

He discusses, how the opinions of loved ones effect him and the impact of the pressures he faces, throughout the course of his trajectory. Both topics resonates with youth, he also poses bars that challenge mainstream ideals.

Here are some of the most striking lyrics:

'Selling all my problems to the world, just so I can buy into a trend. Tryna get the paper to unveil, just so I can spend it all again.'

'Sometimes I be feeling so alone, It's funny how we think nobody cares. Forgetting how we just got off the phone to a brother who was showing he was there.'

'People they don't wanna see you float, drowning in a personal affair, I just say whatever rocks your boat, fam I hope you get to make it for your peers.'

With Glue70 on production, we hear yet another enticing alternative hip-hop instrumental. You can’t help but feel the musical chemistry between the pair, as the producer layers contrasting yet compelling beat-work, uplifted by snazzy snares with a sprinkling of hats to paint a vivid landscape, for Kinkai to lay down his vocals.

The visuals show Kinkai kicking it with friends, sipping on Cherry B to help him forget his worries.

Why not soak up the vocals, in the visuals above.

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