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JPEGMAFIA returns with another video to promote his forthcoming album, ‘All My Heroes Are Cornballs’.

The 15 minute reaction video featuring producer and songwriter Kenny Beats shows JPEG playing his new single 'Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot' and Kenny expresses his enthusiasm for the new track by saying "It's like the dark web got a hold of your beats and spit them back out... If you uploaded a normal song to the dark web and it hung out for like 10 days and gave you that song back. That's what this shit sounds like." And needless to say, he's absolutely right.

The second half of the video, after the bong hits and comical exchanges between the two, JPEG shows Kenny other track names and discusses how he made the a beat by recording the sound fire makes when it's crackling. An unusual but incredibly creative way of producing, and we expected nothing less from the innovative rapper.

There is still no release date for the new album yet but it's definitely coming soon, and we're all ready to be incredibly disappointed with it.

Watch the facetious duo below:

You can also listen to the single 'Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot' right here if you haven't already.

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