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Kelvin5star's 2018 Single & Video Reminisces On Lost Love

Kelvin5star is a London based artist preparing to release a 10 track project called Handsome Devil. After his appearance during fashion week as a model for budding Luxury clothing brand Bianca Saunders, Kelvin5star looks to take his creative expression back to the music on a record and visual that brings forth the idea of nostalgia and reflecting on old times.

2018 is the first single from the 'Handsome Devil' Project and is a slow-burning, introspective hip hop song. On 2018 Kelvin5star raps about a long lost love that he seems to regret letting go. He raps about wanting things to go back to where they once were but this may be too far gone to a point where he feel like she may be too good for him. Kelvin5star spoke to us, saying:

"On this tape, I explore themes of love, lust, teenage lifestyle & dreams. The tape is solely produced by Coy Bricks. 2018 is the first official single from the tape, in the song I’m reminiscing about a past relationship with a girl. The track is meant to represent a feeling of nostalgia & almost regret as I paint a picture of the times I shared with this person."

The instrumental is produced by Coy Bricks and he also provides additional background vocals. The video is directed by Delphinho production, also animators of the new Sam Wise Visual Loophole, - read our exclusive interview with the duo here. 2018 is a vibrant & psychedelic visual meant to represent the song itself, listen and watch below:

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