• Elle Evans

John Newman Releases His Inner "A.N.i.M.A.L."

The Yorkshire born singer and songwriter who has 3 huge number 1 hit singles, is one of the UK's most singular talents. Following up from his recent hit Without You featuring Nina Nesbitt, John has just released his brand new EP A.N.i.M.A.L.. Consisting of 4 tracks with featured tracks A.N.i.M.A.L., Heart Goes Deeper, The Hardest Word Is Goodbye and of course lead single Without You is the next big release ahead of John's sold out October UK tour. In a statement John said "I have been going back and forth to these songs for a couple of years now and am finally ready to put them out there. These four very personal songs are really close to my heart and have carried me through some hard times. The EP deals with themes such as the unnecessary pressures we put ourselves under, struggles with mental health and the power of love to conquer all. The process also reminded me why I love writing and recording and releasing music and made me realise how lucky I am to have this creative outlet” Following a period of soul-searching and introspection, John Newman has re-found his love for making music and has been recording and writing again with a passion - which has ultimately lead us back to his brand new EP! Listen to A.N.i.M.A.L. below and let us know your thoughts!

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