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Joey XL Releases Speculative EP 'Situations'

Multifaceted East London artist Joel Anderson known as Joey XL has returned with a smooth and polished two-track EP Situations, released on March 15th and produced by Kai-a, to accompany '2020 Freestyle' and his list of masterful singles.

Being in his mid 20s, Joey XL has already experimented with different sounds and genres that have drifted far further than the UK. With fans in America, Sweden and South Korea and spending a hiatus in Los Angeles, Joey has been releasing music since 2016 and attained songwriting and feature credits on some sensational projects up until the release of this carefully crafted EP, featuring the two tracks that are not only prolific but self-explanatory through their titles.

Even though Situations totals to just under 7 minutes, Joey XL's charisma and talent are bigger and better than ever before. The track 'Focus' feeds on the struggles of navigating through life, but this smooth sounding R&B number emphasises on how he knows he is on a path that God chose especially for him. "It's my current headspace in terms of life and trying to win a race against myself." he says when talking about the song in his recent interview with us. Illustrating emotions with staying motivated and keeping on track, he touches on recognising the accidental neglect of a significant other in the midst of it all. With a voicemail that flips perspective and fades out towards the end, Joey XL makes it all the more personal.

Photography by Oana Ancuta Briciu

Second track 'Deep' has an introspective and composed feel throughout that indulges in its lethargic beat and heavy bass. 'Is it that deep for love?' we're asked. To Joey, love always wins and we're given a representation to how he feels about this, the need for compromise in relationships and to be able to live in harmony, which is important to our artist. By producing a more emotive EP and having a skill for capturing moods, Kai-a does an outstanding job at not only accomplishing a wistful aura but leaving enough room for Joey XL to put his flair to the forefront of the project.

We're keeping a close eye on this budding artist and going XL all 2020.

Situations is available on streaming services now, or you can listen to it right here.

Want to keep up with Joey XL? Follow him on Instagram!

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