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Jehu-cal: A Staple Of Youth Culture

Fashion is a creative discipline that visually speaks to people around the globe in diverse cuts, colours and sizes. the clothing we desire to wear is an embodiment of our identity in most cases, this does not ring true any more than in the case of London based clothing brand Jehu-cal. Jehu-cal is founded by model, photographer and part-time social antagonist, Jehu-cal Emmanuel Enemokwu, popularly known as Emay4k. Jehu-cal is a brand that exemplifies individualism and an urge to transform what society seems to laugh at into an undeniable beacon of confidence and vibrancy.

Pulling from the infinite pool of inspiration from individuals that have gone from being overlooked by society to becoming leaders of a generation, Emay takes heed from the people that came before him such as Tyler the Creator, ASAP Rocky, Travis Scott, Kanye. The influence of these individuals are evident in Emay's ingenuity, his self sufficiency and his willingness to collaborate for the grows and developed quality of his brand Jehu-cal.

Jehu-cal's creative director is also a student of brands he respects such as Margiela, Raf Simons, Supreme and Vans, which was a key brand designated to him by his father. His study of these brand, both high-end and street wear based was another incubator of information that he has now taken into Jehu-cal, understanding the requirements of his consumers but also creating graphics and garments that are synonymous with the Jehu-cal brand. Key graphics such as the 'Jehu-cal smiley face' which is now a trademarked piece of intellectual property, are items that are widely recognised, seemingly derived from the popular Nirvana but transformed into an identity synonymous with the exiting brand.

Jehu-cal has now become a staple of youth culture with amazing content outside of the clothing itself, the brand has a beautifully designed aesthetic that has been seen on budding but yet impactful figures in the youth/creative culture such as Novelist, Octavian and Odunsi (the engine) amongst many others. Another unique element about the Jehu-cal brand that cannot be ignored is its relationship with its consumers. Jehu-cal's Nonchalant/humorous form of communication may seem to be a less serious or some may even say 'unprofessional' form of communication but we believe that it is the exact reason why our title reads as such. The way the brand speaks to its audience is a reflection of the fun loving and vibrant character of its creative director, further illustrating the overall narrative of the brand.

Jehu-cal is dedicated to quality and its consumer, constantly providing new looks and designs, various drops and growing from having a huge online presence to having stockists and creating physical experiences. From being stocked in One by One store in Soho, London to having a successful pop up in Lagos, Nigeria, Emay's native country, it is without a doubt that Jehu-cal is bringing value to the world of fashion. Travel look books have become something of a motif for Jehu-cal and they did not disappoint during the brand's journey to Lagos Nigeria. This article features various shots from the brand's visit showcasing the staple Jehu-cal utility vest and the exclusive Lagos 'Not For Resale T Shirts in multiply colour ways.The brand also created a look book featuring the founders of fellow youth inspired clothing brand 'Home Delivery' (view this look book here)

Jehu-cal is a brand that we believe has potential to grow in the same light as brands such as Undercover by jun takahashi and fellow self titled brand Heron Preston. With that being said, get your mum's debit card ready and purchase some items before they sell out!




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