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Is Future Back To His Best With New Album? [Stream Here]

Future seems to have the attention of the world centered around his music yet again. After a string of stellar guest verses on multiple projects from Lil Baby's album to Lil Uzi Vert and then Drake's latest demo project. Future seems to be back on a run, giving avid listeners flashbacks to his unprecedented run of mixtapes and back to back album releases. It may have glided under the radar, but Future has had an unusual pause in releasing new bodies of work for his listeners over the past year since the release of his 2019 album 'Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD'. Although the project had a few standout tracks such as 'Baptiized' and 'Krazy But True', the project did not stand the test of time in a similar way that much of his prior work has attained. This continued with the release of his 'Saved' EP that did not seem to resonate as much as we are used to from such a high profile and high volume artist.

Therefore, Future's presence on features and guest verses has been the tool to bring the anticipation for this new project - alongside a high profile relationship with Lori Harvey that recently came to an end, but that is neither here nor there. At the start of the year, Future released the debut single from this project 'Life Is Good' featuring frequent collaborator Drake. To no surprise, considering their quality catalogue of collaborations, 'Life Is Good' continued to climb the charts and peaked at #2 on the Billboard charts, an excellent way to kick start the run for his new release 'High Off Life'. As things progressed, Future choose 2020 as the year to finally release most of his critically acclaimed mixtapes such as Monster, 56 Nights, and Purple Reign on all streaming platforms. This decision further kept him in the mix and reminding fans of what they crave from the leader of the Future Hive, the famine would soon subside. In reference to the title of this article, based on what many see to be the peak of Future's rapid output, his 8th studio album is a huge turning point for Future's fan base to add further fuel to the fire or time to service the engine and refocus. The Atlanta rapper's prior albums such as 'Future' and 'Hndrxx' back in 2017 were arguably the pinnacle of Future's commercial success, with hits such as 'Mask Off' 'Draco' 'You Da Baddest' and 'Coming Out Strong'. Future fanatics are lining up at their favorite DSPs for a new fix of Future's latest trap-inspired escapades and emotionless lyrics that sit under his groggy melodies, like a weight at the bottom of a murky ocean full of frivolous possessions and 100 dollar bills.

So far from gauging the initial responses of listeners, 'High Off Life' is an instant success. Not only in the Gold certification of the album already due to the success of the lead single, but many are excited at the delivery of new Future music and more importantly the execution. Some have stated that the project starts off a little slow-paced before Future proceeds to deliver the needs and wants of his listeners as the project draws to a close. The 21 song project with guest verses from many superstars in the Hip Hop genre today features songs like 'Posted With Demons', 'Hard To Choose One', 'Solitaires', and 'Harlem Shake' that seem to be fan favorites with many claiming the project has the potential to grow and develop into a mainstay in their daily rotation. What is your opinion on the new Future album?

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