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Introducing Jefe: A Clothing Line For The Bosses

Fashion is a tool that is used to not only display confidence and individuality but to set and reintroduce certain trends and styles. Instagram especially has been a medium that exposes a lot of us to these styles, whether it's through accounts made purely for aesthetics or styling/lookbook pages, where outfits are pieced together for some to run with and for others to interpret into something new. 

It’s a platform that allows individuals to manifest their creativity as it has also seen the birth of many clothing brands; one brand that has stood out to me for a while now is Jefe UK which is a brand that caters to women and menswear. Their first collection is for women, merging urban streetwear with a hint of sexy and will be launching their menswear line in the coming future.  

We had the chance to catch up with the founder Rhyana as she talks more about the women’s collection and shares some tips for starting your own clothing line and much more. You can also shop these looks now at

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Q: What’s the meaning behind the brand Jefe? 

Jefe means Boss in Spanish. It’s a direct translation. The slogan for the brand is “For the Bosses” because that’s exactly who the brand is for, people who are aiming to be a boss one day or people who are already there. 

Q:Describe the brand in 5 words:

Urban. Sexy. Diverse. Versatile and Fly. 

Q: Talk to me about the women’s collection 

I styled most of the outfits myself with help from my good friend @whatteewore. I wanted to go urban with the streetwear looks and sexy with the girlier outfits. So that’s exactly what I did. I also accessorised every outfit myself (accessories really make a difference) I bought the girls thongs, sunglasses, bags and rings, just to really tie all the pieces together. 

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Q: Who are your design inspirations?

Milano Di Rouge definitely. And Mikey Trapstar. 

Q: Who would you love to see in one of your designs?

Some UK celebrities maybe. I’d like to get Ms Banks in a few of the pieces. 

Q: Top 5 tips on starting your own clothing brand: 

- Don’t rush - patience is key.

- Spend a lot time researching fabrics and materials etc it will help you in the long run. 

- Try to launch with a running website in place, it makes you look more professional plus for security purposes too. 

- Try to launch with a professional logo, people will take you more seriously.

- Have fun with the brand, it shouldn’t feel like a chore. 

Q: Are there any more collections for us to look forward to?

100% ! We’ve got the men’s collection dropping in April alongside season II for the womens. Keep an eye out.

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