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Harvey Causon Sleep Talks On New Single 'Blind Eye'

Having been on the alternative Bristol music scene, where he finds a lot of his influences, for a few years, singer/ songwriter / producer Harvey has become a sought-after singer and multi-instrumentalist with a steady flow of exceptional releases including ‘London Stock’ (recently supported in Annie Mac’s ‘New Name’ slot on Radio 1) and ‘Worn You’, plus last year’s ‘Artifice’ which highlights Harvey’s delectable vocal as the soundscapes shift in interesting ways throughout. He we expect to hear more indulgent sounds on his new EP releasing this April

Speaking on ‘Blind Eye’ Harvey said: “Blind Eye is a track built around samples of myself sleeptalking which can be heard in the intro. The song reflects the idea of hypnagogic sleep and a half dream/nightmare state. It embodies the idea that with lack of communication comes a build up of negative thoughts in the late hours, especially for creatives. The song was inspired by Matthew Walker's book Why We Sleep discussing dream states and circadian rhythms.”

A thoughtful and considered lyricist, Harvey finds inspiration across themes of philosophy, physics, anthropology and architecture, evident in the heavy presence of architecture in his artwork for this record and adding further texture to his sound.

He has a headline show confirmed on 17th March at Electrowerkz, where you can potentially hear some snippets from his new release, but for now, listen to Blind Eye below:

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