• Elle Evans

Hackney's Henny Knightz Has Released His Brand New EP 'Random House of Evil'

Today, Hackney's very own Henny Knightz has released his brand new 6-track EP titled Random House of Evil.

Born and raised in Hackney, East London Henny Knightz is the voice of social misfits. One half of the duo 'The Knighthood Society' he prides himself in creating the soundtrack for the outsiders. The introverted, flannel shirt flavoured maverick has the ability to combine nail biting, emotion riddled stories atop souful, 808-infused avant-garde backdrops. This EP stands as the soundtrack to an accompanying short story and was created on Henny's travels from East London to Brisbane, Australia. Henny's avant-garde approach to alternative Hip Hop combines warped organs with deep 808's. The pitched down melodic bass lines swan dive and rise up in a flurry of hi-hats that morph into twisted samples. His use of lyricism paints vivid pictures and when combined with his short story, make the EP an immersive experience.

Split into 6 tracks that signify 6 rooms of a cerebral boarding house, Henny is forced room by room to eternally relive and narrate an agonizing moment from his past. Triumph ensues as the project climaxes, providing hope of escape from the frustrations and tragedies of being imprisoned by your estate. Listen to Random House of Evil below.

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