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Greentea Peng’s ‘Ghost Town’ Explores The Rapid Changes In Our London Communities

After the release of her EP Rising, Bermondsey-born wave maker Greentea Peng returns with another vibe infused track ‘Ghost Town’. In this track she voices the negative impact of gentrification on local London communities, with elements of ska, reggae and jazz laced together to create this distinctive sound.

Greentea is an artist that not only uses her music to transport spiritual vibes and soothe those who tune in, but to overtly express her political stance on the injustice we see happening around us everyday.

She says..

GHOST TOWN is inspired by a Dub Judah dubplate I heard at an Iration Steppas gig.

Call it gentrification, call it social cleansing, either way you are making it clear that your vision for this city does not include us.

This song is not just for London. This song is for all of us, all of our cities, all of our towns and all of us people who bring these places to life.

It’s about our fundamental right to thrive in the communities we were born into and grew up in. It's about the loss of soul in these soon to be ghost towns.”

Directed by Melody Maker, the video is set in Aylesbury Estate which is currently undergoing demolition. This is a story that is echoic of many Londoners who also have to face the reality of their communities being swallowed by gentrification with nothing being given back to those who have built a home for themselves over the years. Greentea ends the video with a personal message about the city that she knows and loves, tune in below:

You can also catch her performing at the following shows:

22/03/2020 - Headrow House, Leeds

24/03/2020 - Audio Glasgow, Scotland

25/03/2020 - Soup Kitchen, Manchester – SOLD OUT

26/03/2020 - Jazz Café, London – SOLD OUT

28/03/2020 - Coventry Central Library, Coventry

29/03/2020 - Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

18/04/2020 - Motel Mozaique Rotterdam, Netherlands

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