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GRACEY Bares All On 'Imposter Syndrome'

21-year-old Brighton born alt-pop artist Grace Barker, simply known as GRACEY, has released her self perceptive debut EP via Polydor this month rather cleverly and appropriately entitled 'Imposter Syndrome'. After being discovered on Soundcloud at just sixteen by hit factory Xenomania, Grace was signed as a songwriter, racking up credits on singles for the likes of Jonas Blue, RAYE and Olly Murs along the way. Now after spending a significant amount of time writing for other artists, Grace finally feels ready to bring her own stories and experiences to the table. In the same vein as Lorde and Sia, GRACEY has successfully honed her very own brand of emotionally driven, and soulfully raw pop music. 'Imposter Syndrome' not only explores the themes of unrequited love and bad relationships but almost makes them a reality to the listen thanks to GRACEY displaying an undeniable talent to seemingly make emotions palpable throughout her music.

'Different Things' is the emotionally driven lead single off the EP, written and produced at home with long-term collaborator Alan Sampson. Equal parts beauty and grit, the song hits you right in the feels, combining refreshingly exposed vocals in the verses with a robotic vocoder in the choruses as to almost signify a change in feelings mirrored by the situation she experienced. Visually Grace's video portfolio is simply stunning, having a charming nostalgic touch reminiscent of eighties and nineties videography. Burnt colours light the singers profile as she grippingly confesses her feelings throughout the lyrics of the song. 'Imposter Syndrome' is most definitely not one to be missed, check it out below!

And I know, I know it didn't work Though I tried everything to put you first I never quite got that in return, no...

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