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Get To Know: Gemma Dunleavy

Irish singer Gemma Dunleavy has released her six track debut EP this month entitled Up De Flats. The songstress has been steadily releasing music and has collaborated with artists such as The Swing Ting and Murlo, DJ Sharda and more. But who is Gemma Dunleavy?

Gemma grew up in inner city Dublin within the Sheriff Street Community, she went on to study at Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts [LIPA], but has since returned firmly planting her roots in North Dublin.

Now known as a songwriter and producer, she originally began with dancing, freestyle and ballet. Her creative freedom has since developed into being a multi-instrumentalist and a talented producer creating a unique R&G sound and an eye for visual content. Gemma made a name for herself with a her debut single release 'Better 4 U', developing an experimental sound using harps and flutes to diversify her music even more.

The importance of telling a story can be seen through her music. The video she created for her single 'I Was Never Young, But I'm Not Old Yet', which premiered over on Dazed's One To Watch, is a love letter to the inner city she grew up in. The importance of community is seen throughout Gemma's music, collaborations and heavily features on her EP.

Up De Flats was created in partnership with Dr Martens, Gemma's idea was to put together a body of music inspired by her time working on a documentary following the plans to regenerate the Sheriff Street area. Notorious in the 90s for crime and violence, she believed they was unfairly demonised. Up De Flats is a project that pays tribute to her community.

Each song is written from a different perspective of the stereotypes I grew around. “They each represent something I’ve experienced, someone I’ve been, someone I am or someone I’ve lost. It explores cyclical patterns of behaviour, hardships and grief, but most importantly the sense of community.

Gemma Dunleavy is an artist that is one to watch and will continue to pay homage to her community through her music. Up De Flats is out now and catch Gemma performing live on 16th July @7pm over on Dr Martens Presents livestream.

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