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Genre-Bending HipHop Trio - Your Grandparents Land With Their Groovy New Record “So Damn Fly”

The rising genre-bending R&B/Hip Hop trio - Your Grandparents: comprised of vocalists DaCosta, Jean Carter, and producer ghettoblasterman. Have delivered their newest single “So Damn Fly”.

Blending a potent concoction of funk grooves and haunting soul melodies; “So Damn Fly” soothes the soul and evokes nostalgia for true alt-hiphop consumers, who have followed the natural progression of the subgenre thanks to the likes of; Thundercat, Kendrick Lamar, and Tyler the Creator.

Much like those before them, the trio serve up a suave, mature and heavily inspired offering that will have you salivating at the revival of the good old days on their forthcoming debut album.

An ode to the unapologetically beautiful, Black and bold youth of today. We hope the way this song builds and evolves will leave our listeners in awe.” - Your Grandparents

Take in So Damn Fly here and on all DSP’s!

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