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FKA Twigs Reveals Third New Single 'home with you'

This Monday FKA Twigs released her third and final single from her upcoming album 'Magdalene' due to be released at the now later date of November 8th. Equal parts stunning and heartbreaking, this unique track will leave you deep in thought about what story the singer is trying to tell. Co-produced with Noah Goldstein 'Home With You' describes a relationship full of love and heartbreak. The song opens with a dark, hallucinogenic piano ballad and ends with a stunningly baroque cello instrumental. Furthering the baroque themes Twigs uses pieces from long time collaborator and London based fashion designer Ed Marler. The music video was self directed and has some incredibly beautiful imagery, particularly the final scene of Twigs pulling her inner child out from a well before opening her dress to reveal an eye where her navel would be, signifying to always 'go with your gut instinct'. In the rest of the video Twigs wears an eyepatch to signify she has been blind without being connected that part of herself. Many have speculated the song may be about the singers ex-fiancee however upon deeper inspection you could say Twigs indefinitely reveals that she is in fact singing about herself and how she has been neglecting her own personal needs. Check out the ethereal and stunning visuals below.

Apples, cherries, pain Breathe in, breathe out, pain No, no, novocaine Still maintain my grace How come? The more you have the more that people want from you The more you burn away the more the people earn from you The more you pull away the more that they depend on you

FKA twigs:





Magdalene Artwork by Matthew Stone

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