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Filling Pieces’ First Responsible Shoe. Making Moves Sustainable Fashion.

Filling Pieces is an Amsterdam based brand known for its exquisite attention to detail along with their use of luxury materials to create the most refined products. From premium sneakers and heels to hats and sunglasses. Filling Pieces is here to bridge the gap between streetwear and high fashion. However, as a brand they acknowledge the consequences that their practices impact on; societal and environmental.

Since the beginning, social responsibility has been part of who they are. Unlike many other brands opted to not go down the typical path of finding a cheap manufacturer in an Asian country but to instead produce all of their footwear in Portugal. They work with a family owned business that has true expertise and craftsmanship in footwear production. Manufacturing in Portugal also ensures fair wages and working conditions for the employees, based on EU regulations. The short distance between the warehouse in the Netherlands and factories in Portugal has also been taken into consideration in order to minimise C02 emissions. Thus, although social responsibility is not one of their focuses, they make sure to take it into consideration as much as possible. The same cannot be said for a majority of current fashion brands, that choose profits over ethics.

In 2020 Filling pieces released their first fully responsible shoe. The Court 683. The name is inspired by the extra cost, 6.83 euros, it takes to produce the shoe after altering their entire workflow. The aim of this shoe is to reduce the environmental impact, Filling Pieces has therefore sourced different materials and changed their manufacturing techniques to cut down their use of increasingly scarce resources and harmful chemicals. They have used a different material for the soles, the cotton has been harvested after its natural life cycle and without the use of pesticides. The insoles have been created from recycled cork, Portugal being one of the world’s biggest cork suppliers. They also work with Trace you Leather Cooperative, in order to use the most ethically produced leather, which is then naturally tanned to ensure a chrome-free process, removing the use of metals.

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