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Evan & Eris - Like That

‘Like That’ by the contemporary gospel duo, Evan and Eris isa feel good record, and a good meaning behind the song too. It’s definitely one for the playlist even if you aren’t a fan of gospel msuic as the song is very open to interpritation, the listener canapply the lyrics to something more relateable to them.The chord progression and the key of the song is not what you would typically expect in contemporary gospel music but it works so well. The instrumental blends seamlessly with their voices and the words of the song are very relatable.

The short but sweet two-minute song is a reminder that no matter how bad or difficult things get we can sit back and trust the journey because God has your back like no other. Life can be hard, people can make it even harder, but none of that matters when joy is coming in the morning.

The message of the song extends beyond gospel listeners, I think anyone could find something uplifting and inspiring from this song.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think, do you prefer the vocals of Evan or Eris?

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