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Earth University is a multi layered graphic design project by creative director Frank Rodriguez. The concept that encapsulates this project is the idea of creating a community that is all inclusive and welcoming to all. We are all aware of the famous university apparel of some of the most notable schools around the globe, schools such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge have branded themselves academically but also in the realm of clothing and apparel, giving their students a sense of belonging and communion just by the hoodies or track suits they wear. As much as this is a brilliant concept for Universities to brand themselves through streetwear, it may in some cases cause a situation of 'us against them' or elitism within various sectors.

Earth University is a project that Rodriguez aims to use in breaking those barriers. The name itself is a representation of an all inclusive society no matter the level of intellect one may have or the path in which they choose to take in life. Earth University injects new energy into this form of clothing/apparel with a strong photography campaign shot by Alex Maragaskis and Flora Isabel Scott. These photos have been taken in various locations around London and showcase the Earth University hoodies in black and grey colour ways. The style in which these photos are taken have a great consistency and compliment the product in a very warm and inviting manner, something which seems to be consistent within the Earth University brand.

Earth University is coming out the gate strong with a cosign from Nike, supporting the vision of the brand and believing in the impact it can make within youth culture. When asked about earth University's relationship with Nike, Rodriguez describes it as...

The brand logo takes references from existing University apparel logos with the arched university name in a slab serif font and the word 'University' in a linear position in the same typeface. The logo is then brought together with a simplistic wireframe globe to further symbolise the idea of community.

Earth University was featured on New Wave Magazine Issue VI and we are very interested to see where Frank Rodriguez takes this graphic project.

Follow The Project Here: @frank.psd

Follow The Creative Director Here: @beingrodriguez

Photographers: @floraisabelscott @alexmaragakis

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