• Elle Evans

Dvsn Release Brand New Singles "In Between" and 'Miss Me"

Dvsn took to Social Media on Monday with a release date for new upcoming music, leaving fans waiting in anticipation for the drop. The Canadian duo, Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 dropped two singles Miss Me and In Between which are set to appear on there third-studio album. This will follow up from the 2017 release of their sophomore album Morning After. Whereas the last 2 albums to come from the duo have been primarily made for the nighttime. This forthcoming album is more of an everyday album based around lifestyle they told Billboard "There’s much more to us than romance. We go through the same things that everyone else does. Just where you are mentally, spiritually and with your friends. No matter what it is, you’re always just trying to find that balance. But there’s so much more with the new music that we’re doing, you’re going to get a lot of different sides.” In Between's message is based around a relationship in which they are still struggling to openly communicate their feelings. Taking a more laid back acoustic approach this allows the lyrics to not only speak louder but makes the song overall more vulnerable.

Miss Me is based around always having that one particular person on your mind but are too afraid or scared to ask if they feel the same way. In a statement Dvsn stated that "This song helps with that hard to ask question: 'Do You Miss Me?'". In comparison to In Between, Miss Me is more upbeat and has a slightly more mellow trap feel to it.

You can listen to Dvsn's new singles above. We can't wait to hear what's next from the R&B duo. Let us know your thoughts on the new singles!

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