• Ella Winfield

CRIME LONDON: Sisters X Street Style X Sustainability

It’s not often you come across something that evokes the unapologetically original street-style and refreshingly alternative art and music scene that is the beating heart of London. It’s even less often that that ‘something’ is a shoe!

Crime London is the brainchild of Florence-born sisters Lisa and Jessica Kistermann. In 2012 the Kistermann sisters had the innovative idea to bridge the gap between the ‘street-wear’ and ‘high-end’ trainer. Whilst studying in London, they were captivated by the city’s bustling, pioneering creative hubs; Camden town, Shoreditch and Brick Lane...and from this inspiration- Crime London was born.

The foundations of the trainers have a nostalgic, retro-feel to them, which is married to the modern choice of colour, material and embellishment, and creates Crime London’s unique aesthetic- like a badge of honour to London; rich in heritage, yet diverse and progressive.

Quite clearly, the brand has stood the test of time, managing to successfully merge culture, and the ‘mood’ of London’s underground creative scene with premium materials and design. However, the brand’s longevity is not only due to the strong inspiration and passion behind their designs, but their genuine concern for the sustainability of their products.

Contrary to the sad yet common trend with brands not being entirely transparent with regards to their sustainability (mentioning no names!). Crime London refreshingly practice what they preach, sourcing sustainable materials, and only using dyeing techniques that use naturally sourced pigments. This prevents toxic chemicals entering water systems and harming both humans and animals- making them less harmful to the environment. The brand also ensures safe and humane working conditions for those whose job it is to handcraft the designs.

Throughout lockdown, the Kistermann sisters, who have been quarantining in Italy have been planning what Crime London is going to do next. Design and inspiration aside, at the core of their brand is their understanding of the importance of sustainability. The sisters tell us ‘we believe it’s important to raise awareness and share a vision as young designers in the post-pandemic fashion industry’. Their plan is to highlight this by introducing their new capsule of 100% upcycled sneakers and more for sustainability.

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