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Chido Mya Returns With Angelic New Cut “Surreal”

Birmingham-hailing, singer and songwriter Chido Mya has served up a sumptuous slice of winter solstice with her second entry of the year - ‘Surreal’.

Backed by a Myles Jacob-production that lets off the tranquil-sounds of light guitar strums, Chido Mya glides across the instrumental with her angelic and softly sang vocals; which combined, create a dreamy lullaby-like offering which wouldn’t go amiss while relaxing in a warm, bubbly bath or while day-dreaming and writing poetry about that special someone.

Speaking on the inspiration behind Surreal, Chido Mya shares: 

“Though it's not based on a true story, ‘Surreal’ is based on my idea of how an ideal relationship should be. The idea of opening up to each other, filling voids within each other’s lives and being able to share past and present pain.”

Be sure to check it out here - it’s stunner!

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