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Brent Faiyaz's 'F**k The World' R&B's Latest Gem

Brent Faiyaz is a Columbia, Mayland native that is steadily becoming one of the golden childs of R&B in this current era. Since the release of his debut project Sonder Son, Brent has continiously carved his own lane in music from a sonic and business stand point. Brent Is an artist that speaks to issues and situations in the lives of his audience with a vintage tint to his vocals and production. In 2018 he released his Lost EP wich has stood the test of time with records such as Around and Came Right Back.

Throughout last year, Brent took time out of releasing a project to tour, make a push at growing his brand and spent alot of time in London, England, cultivating the sound for his latest release during that time. Brent Fiayaz has releatedly proven himself to be more than just a crooner about love songs and heartbreak. He continues to speak on society as a whole from an inquisitive persective, encouraging his listener at points of doubt and confusion. Songs from 'Fuck the World' such as 'Let Me Know' and 'Make It Out (Outro)'.

Fuck The World is a concise, well rounded project that stays true to Brent Faiyaz and his upward trojectory in the world of music, his leveled out, Hip Hop/Rnb intsrumentals underneath his serene adlibs provide an effortless listen at any point of the day.

Let us know what you think about Brent's latest album below.

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